Snowboard Laces Vs Speed Lacing

16th November 2011

Most of our snowboard boots we have in stock this year no longer have a conventional lace system.  Every year we see an increase in speedy lacing systems and this year is no different.

For Winter 2012 we have the BOA system on the Thirtytwo Focus BOA boot, we have Speedzone on the Burton Moto boot, Burton Ruler boot, Forum Musket boot & Forum Antenna boot and we have FastTrack on the Thirtytwo Prion FT boot and the Lashed FT boot.

Thirtytwo Focus BOABurton Moto BootsBurton Ruler Snowboarding Boots

The BOA system is a clever system that uses wires to keep you locked in.  It has two separate BOAs – the first controls  the top section of the boot and the second controls the lower section.  Probably the most common question we get in regards to BOA is ‘does the BOA wire snap?’.  Yes, it will snap....eventually but wouldn't expect this in the first few times of wearing!  But, just in case you get a wire snap, thirtytwo include with the Focus Boot a spare set of laces and the tool you need to swap them over.

Forum Antenna Snowboard BootForum Musket Snowboard BootThirtytwo Prion FT Boots

The lacing systems from both Burton, Forum and Thirtytwo work in similar ways.  The Burton & Forum system comprises of two Kevlar laces with handles attached that you pull up to tighten.  When pulled fully up the laces find their way into a locking mechanism that keeps them nicely secure.   The Thirtytwo FastTrack system works in exactly the same way as the Burton Speedzone system but instead of featuring an autolock you have a little flap to lift up that pinches the laces and holds it in place.

Thirtytwo Lashed FT

Without doubt the main benefit these speed systems have over conventional lacing is in the name ‘speed’.  All systems are so super quick to do up you will be on the mountain in next to no time and they are easy to adjust when you are riding too (often without the need to remove gloves etc!).

If you have any questions about any of our Snowboard Boots then please give us call.