What Stunt Scooter to Buy

What Stunt Scooter to buy?

We have been stocking stunt scooters in the UK for a long time and were one of the first shops to stock both MGP Scooters and Grit Scooters.  Since they were first launched there have been some great steps forward in scooter manufacturing but we have also seen a huge increase in ‘copy’ brands coming onto the market to try and make a fast £ without understanding what it takes to make a great scooter. 

In simple terms, the more you spend on a scooter the better the parts.  Basic models have plastic core wheels, spring brakes and threaded forks. 

If you buy a scooter with plastic core wheels you will almost certainly be back to buy metal core wheels before too long as this is pretty much the only type of wheel the majority of scooter riders want now-days.  (Metal Core Wheels range from about £20 to £80 a pair so it's worth considering before you buy a scooter with plastic wheels)

'Spring Brakes’ are great to start with for the first month or so as they are easy to depress and function well, but after a short period of time the spring will loose its tension which leaves the brake to flap around and make an awful noise (not dialed!).  A flex brake is a better option, as it is essentially a bent piece of metal with no spring required. 

The scooter fork is the part that connects the wheel to the Scooter (important huh!?).  A threaded scooter fork uses lock nuts to hold the fork in place.  Lock nuts loosen up a lot and you are probably going to need to invest in some spanners as you will need to keep these tight or suffer ‘head rock’ which is pretty annoying. 

A scooter that has threadless fork uses ‘compression’ to hold the fork in place.  There are lots of different types of compression including SCS, IHC, HIC and ICS.  We won’t bore you with the details of these now but it’s important to know that you find Compression systems on the slightly more expensive scooters and they are integral into holding the scooter together!

Let’s try and make your decision on what scooter to buy a little easier....

Grit Scooters make quite a few differing models of scooter.  The basic entry-level models don't really float our boat and can be found in toy shops (an immediate turn off for most serious riders) so we avoid these and start with the Grit Elite 3



This is a phenomenal scooter for the money and blows many of the comparative scooters out of the water with the amount of tech you get for your money.  Not only do you get ‘Metal Core Wheels’ (rather than the plastic core wheels that the kids do not want) you also get a sealed headset, threadless forks, HIC compression kit and a flex brake.  Not only is it awesome value for money, Grit is an original Australian brand that is super popular with freestyle scooter riders at the moment.  It's on Special at the moment too at £119.95!

The next model in the the Grit Scooter range is the is the Grit Tremor




It has bigger 110mm wheels. a four bolt collar clamp, a new bar shape and a strong deck and it comes with HIC compression and integrated Grind rails on the deck.  It's perfect for both park and street riding and blows other scooters at the same money right out of the water.

The top model in the Grit Scooter range is the all new Grit Invader which has a wider integrated scooter deck and one piece forged alloy forks. 



Slamm Scooters are a UK based company that specialize in affordable but decent stunt scooters.  The best selling model is the entry level Slamm Rage Scooter


It is the perfect option for new riders who are just getting into the sport and who want a reliable scooter to ride.  The model above from this is the Slamm Mischief.


The Mischief still only has plastic core wheels but does include a compression kit and flex brake!   If you want a Slamm Scooter with Metal Core wheels then you have to opt for the model above called the Slamm Fury which has IHC Compression, Flex brake and Metal core wheels.


MGP Scooters (or MADD Scooters) are perhaps the definitive scooter brand at the moment.  The new MGP VX3 range (launched last spring) is a major advancement on the previous models with a series of upgraded components including FSA Headsets into all models (except the BP1).  For some reason when MGP decided to launch the new range they did not stop production of the earlier models, which can still be bought online and can even be found in some department stores.  These earlier models have notoriously bad headsets and you would be much better off buying from the new VX3 range with FSA headsets.

The basic model is the MGP BP1 Scooter


It is a sturdy non-collapsible scooter that is perfect for younger riders that are just getting into freestyle riding. 

The model up from this is the MGP VX3 Pro Scooter 



which has plastic core wheels, 2- piece handlebars and a spring brake.  It’s worth bearing in mind that most riders do not want either plastic core wheels or spring brakes so it’s probably worth spending a little extra to buy our best selling scooter model – the MGP VX3 Team Edition Scooter



Although at this price it still only has a threaded fork with lock nuts to hold everything in place it does have an FSA headset, Flex brake, and 100mm Metal Core Wheels.

Spend a little more and you can get the MGP Ninja with 110mm Metal Core Wheels, HIC Compression, Oversized Bars, 3D Forged Forks and a super clean minimalistic look.  It is now also available in White (which has proved very popular).


The MGP End of days Nitro is our second best selling MGP after the VX3 Team.  First of all it looks amazing and gets most attention from all the scooters in the shop.  It has 110mm metal core wheels, reinforced deck, oversized strong bars, comfortable and long lasting handlebar grips, HIC compression, smooth FSA headset and a flex brake.



If you want an even higher spec MGP  the take a look at the MGP She Devil Nitro Extreme as it is the highest spec scooter in the MGP range.  It has 110mm Metal Core Wheels, Flex Brake, HIC Compression, integrated headtube and deck ‘cut outs’ to decrease excess weight.



 ……so if you are still confused

If you want to spend under £100 then look at the Slamm Rage, Slamm Mischief and MGP BP1 scooters.  If the rider is younger, then go for the BP1, if they are slightly older/heavier than opt for the Slamm.  If you can stretch up to £140 then either the MGP VX2 Team or the Grit Elite are great models.  You get more for your money with the Grit Elite 3 but some riders just want the MGP Name and that’s it!  If you have more than £150 to spend then just pick one that suits your budget and colour scheme remembering that we hand pick all of our models and they all great scooters.

Take a look at our full range of Stunt Scooters Online or perhaps better still come down to our shop in Fleet and let one of the team talk you through the range, or give us a call on 01252 612223