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Which Snowboard Goggles?

We have hundreds of goggles in stock ranging from about £40 to over £200. But are you confused as to what the difference actually is and why some are much more expensive than others? Have a read of this handy guide which will hopefully make things a little clearer.

Frame Size and Fit

When you choose a new set of goggles one of the most important factors to consider is how they fit your face. There is really no better option than to pop into our shop and try a few on but if this isn’t possible then make sure you read up on the size before you order. The Dragon X1 Goggles is a good example of a large framed goggle.

Dragon Lumalens

The Dragon X1s Goggles are still pretty big but slightly smaller than the X1

Dragon X1s

Dragon X1s goggles are slightly smaller than the X1. They pretty much look the same but have a slightly different venting style. Prices start from £148.95

Lens – Cylindrical or Spherical

All of our snowboard goggles feature a dual lens (double glazed) and are either cylindrical such as the Anon Helix or Spherical like the Anon M2 Goggles. With a Spherical lens you tend to get a slightly wider field of vision.

Anon Helix Goggles

Anon Helix Goggles are feature a cylindrical lens and are our most affordable goggles. They come with 2 lenses and are £49.95 (TIP – Anon are made by Burton)


Anon M2

The Anon M2 by Burton features a spherical lens with a frameless design. It uses magnets to hold the lens in place.


All of our goggles use either dual layer or triple layer foam. The differing layers of foam have differing densities and are essentially there to make them nice and comfortable. More foam = more comfort.

Venting and Anti Fog

All of our goggles offer a certain amount of venting and have had an anti-fog treatment applied to the lens. There is nothing quite as annoying when you are snowboarding or skiing when your goggles keep fogging. Although all of our goggles are designed not to fog, if you follow a few simple rules then you are more likely to have a fog free day –

  • Try not to touch the lens
  • If (when) you faceplant try to shake off all the excess snow before you use your goggle cloth
  • Keep your goggle vents clear to allow maximum airflow
  • Remember hot air rises, if you have your snowboard jacket done up with all your vents closed and you’re exerting a lot of energy then you’ll have an excessive amount of hot air coming though the top of your jacket and heading straight to your goggles. Open up a couple of vents in your jacket or pants (TIP: make sure you have a decent Snowboard Jackets with a good breathable rating to allow some of your excessive moisture to escape)

Goggle Straps

All of our goggles have adjustable straps to make sure they will fit your head or helmet regardless of size. Some of our goggles have a silicon coated section on the inside of the strap to ensure they stay in place on your helmet and stop sliding down.

Frameless Goggles

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the amount of ‘frameless’ goggles on the market. As well as offering a clean look, buy removing the frame from the front of the goggle you open up the peripheral vision so you can see more. The Dragon X2 Goggles and the Anon M2 are both frameless goggles.

anon m2 snowboard goggles

The Anon M2 snowboard goggles offers a wide field of vision thanks to its frameless design.

Lenses – for differing light conditions

Almost all of our goggles come with two lenses, one that is good for sunny skies and one more suited to cloudier conditions. There are loads of different lenses out there and they all allow a certain amount of light to transfer through to your eyes. As an example, a light coloured lens like yellow, amber or pink would be great when it’s cloudy, whereas a dark lens like a ‘dark smoke’ lens won’t let much light through and so is the perfect choice when it’s bright and sunny.

Lenses – How easy are they to change?

It’s all very well have multiple lenses for your goggles but it they are a pain to change then you’ll probably just not bother swapping them as it’s all a lot of effort. There are a few great options now on the market that allow you to change your goggle lens with little effort. The Anon M2 uses magnets to hold the lens in place so when the visibility gets crappy and you need to change to a low level light lens you literally just twist the frame a little and then pull the lens off. Because the magnets are so strong when you hold the replacement lens close to the frame and let go it kinda just snaps into place and self-centres. Very Rad, take a look at the video…

Dragon have their own quick change system too called ‘Swiftlock’. It’s available this year on the spherical Dragon X2 and on the Cylindrical Dragon NFX2. Swiftlock uses two levers on either side of the frame to securely hold the lens in place.

Transition Lens

If you want to be able to see in all light conditions but you’re put off by even these simple lens change systems then you could always look at the goggles we have with a Transition lens such as the Dragon X1 Verse and Dragon X1s Verse. The Transition lens automatically lightens or darkens depending on the light. We have tested these in differing light conditions and were super impressed at how well they work. You don’t really notice them changing in accordance with the light but they just allow you to have perfect vision all day. Very clever stuff.

Helmet Compatibility

Because more and more people are wearing helmets now days, goggle manufacturers are making sure that they are helmet friendly. It’s also pretty reliant on the shape and size of your head / face too so where possible pop into the shop and we’ll make sure they fit together well.

Other Cool features

Some goggles we stock come with a bit of extra love, like the Dragon X2 and Anon M3 which come which come with a goggle case and the Anon Mig which comes with a magnet-attached facemask.

Anon Mig

The Anon Mig goggles come with a facemask that attached to the goggles with a series of magnets. £139.95

Goggles suitable for use with Glasses.

If you wear glasses when you snowboard/ski then you need to buy a larger sized frame to accommodate your specs. Some goggles we stock are listed at OTG or ‘Over the Glass’ and have small cut-out sections at the edge of the frame to allow for glasses to fit. If you wear glasses then you’re better off popping in our shop to get goggles fitted. The Anon Relapse is a good example of an OTG goggle.

Anon Relapse

The Anon Relapse goggle has two small cut-out sections on the inside of the frame to work with spectacles. Prices start from £79.95.

If you have any more questions about goggles then drop us an email or give is a call where one of the team is on hand to guide you though the options. / 01252 612223 Take a look at all of our Snowboard goggles.

Dragon X1 Goggles

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