The Fourth Phase UK Premiere

We were lucky enough to get an invite to the UK premiere of the new Travis Rice movie – ‘The Fourth Phase’ earlier this week. If you’ve seen the previous two Brain Farm films – ‘That’s It, That’s All’ and ‘The Art of FLIGHT’ then you’ll know the reason for all the hype and excitement surrounding this film. The premiere took place at The British Film institute in London and was attended by riders Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Mikkel Bang and Victor De Le Rue.

The concept to the film is a little different to the earlier movies in so much as the standard formula for big-mountain snowboard films is always about chasing the snow and looking for the next big storm. The Fourth Phase is focused on how our global weather systems work and in particular the flow of water in the North Pacific. By following this flow of water, this film goes beyond just the snowboarding and engages the viewer in a new way of looking at nature. But hey, let’s be honest, the scenery is breathtaking, and the cinematography is next level – but it’s big-mountain shredding we want to see right?

Well there is plenty of that too! The film itself is truly epic. It’s a big budget movie shot in amazing locations across the world including Japan, Russia and of course Alaska. Like the previous films, there are numerous Red Bull helicopters buzzing about the sky filming in super high-resolution. The riding is insanely good with a great mix of scary crazy steeps, pillow lines, and chutes.


The cinema was full to capacity and judging by the whooping and cheering throughout the film everyone was as hyped as we were on the movie. At one point in the film there is a big avalanche that takes down Travis, we held our breath as did the rest of the audience as a hushed silence fell across the room. Thankfully somehow Travis manages to stay on top of the slide, but watching it you can tell this would make you look at things a little different the next time you drop in.

If you like watching Backcountry freestyle in rad locations then go watch this film. If you’re a rail kid that wants to watch just rails then go and watch this movie anyway, it’s epic and it’s snowboarding at it’s best.

Meeting Travis Rice and Mark Landvik before the movie.

Meeting Travis Rice and Mark Landvik before the movie.

Before the movie started we were invited into the green room to a Q&A session with Travis Rice, Mark Landvik and Professor Gerald Pollack (the author of a book titled the ‘Fourth Phase of Water’ and inspiration for movie). With just a few of us in the room, we got the opportunity to hear first hand a bit more about the movie concept, the difficulties faced during the filming and among other things the fear factor when dropping into terrifyingly steep chutes.

The Fourth Phase Green Room

Professor Pollack, Travis Rice and Mark Landvick Discuss the Fourth Phase and it’s origins.

We are so stoked on this movie and we know you will be too!

If you want to watch the movie then why not grab a copy of The Fourth Phase 3-in-1 (DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Download)


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