Making an Iconic Snowboard

The Making of an Iconic Snowboard

We’ve been in the business of selling snowboards for over a decade now and we know all too well that the best manufactured board in the world will still not sell if it has a horrendous graphic on it. That’s why manufacturers spend a lot of time researching and hunting down graphic designers and artists who they feel will create an image that they are proud to display on their snowboards and ultimately of course increase sales.

Burton Custom 2017 Art

The 2017 Burton Custom is one of the most iconic snowboards of all time and has been a huge success for Burton since it’s original launch in 1996. There have been a diverse range of graphics over the years and the board even featured The Muppets a few years back (my preferred size would have been Miss Piggy so I wasn’t too stoked on that).

This years Custom features the art from UK artist Niki Hare. Her work uses a large range of mediums from paint and collage through to photography and video.

Burton Custom 2017 FV


The project took a while to get off the ground but was created at the end of 2014…

“I love snow and mountains, I would have done the job for nothing (but never mention that) , I even got a bit cheeky and asked for a snowboard as well, seems fair enough and if you don’t ask you don’t get. So I got paid, should get a snowboard soon (before the snow descends on the big Tewk, or even earlier so I can go find some).”

Niki Hare Artist

“This board is a beaut and I am honoured to get my stamp on it, this is not a novice board, more designed for riding the hills in a big way. OK I am getting to be an old woman, not as fit as I was, but I am gonna master that board and get it doing some stuff. OK I have only had one snowboard lesson so far, I wasn’t brilliant but at the same time it felt like coming home.”

Burton Custom 2017 Original Art


 So not only is Niki a rad artist, she snowboards too. Burton have now sent her a Custom and a set of bindings too and it’s refreshing to hear that Niki is going to go shred rather than hang her board on the wall!

But perhaps the coolest part of this story is the email we got from Niki earlier in the week…

“Just had a thought, when I did the original work I made 2, it was a tight time frame and chances were I’d tip my coffee over one. I still have the other kicking around (tea free), if you want it to stick in the shop somewhere you are more than welcome…”


Needless to say, we gave Niki a “HELL YEAH” and we are now the very proud owners of the original artwork for the 2017 Burton Custom!

So when the shop isn’t so crazy busy and we have a little bit more time we are going to get this displayed in the shop in a prominent position.
Genuinely stoked on this, so thanks a bunch Niki!
Burton Custom 2017




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2 Comments on The Making of an Iconic Snowboard

  1. Thank U
    So stoked you guys like the board and the artwork, best thing ever. I will ride that board!!

    Niki Hare | December 8, 2016 at 11:44 pm () ()
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