Here come's Christmas...

Well it's not long now until the big guy slides down your chimney with a bag full of fun (unless you've been naughty that is!?). If you're looking for some gift ideas for Christmas then have a little scroll though these perfect snowboard gift options...

Phone Bunjee

Ever dropped your phone from the chairlift? It's super annoying and it ends up getting super expensive! I reckon there's good money to be made in the spring taking a walk under the chairlifts and seeing what gems you can find!

The myBunjee Phone Saver fits most phones on the market and is an added layer of security when you take your phone out of your pocket to make that all important phone call or more likely to take that banging photo to post on Instagram to make your friends jealous. 

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CrapSack Binding Bag

This mini bag is your new best friend on the hill. Measuring at just 14cm tall, the Crapsack fits securely on the back of your binding and has enough room for your essentials that would normally live in your pocket....but hey, who wants to land on their tool right?!

We like to keep our snowboard tool, keys and snacks in our CrapSack, what would you pack in the sack?

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Snowboard Wall Mounts

You spend all that hard earned cash on your snowboard and the pack her away under the bed or in the loft when you're not shredding. Well not anymore. With these Burton Snowboard Wall Mounts you can securely attach your snowboard to the wall and show it off to everyone that visits you. 

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Burton Snowboard Cable Lock

If you leave your snowboard unattended on the mountain while you sneak inside for a cheeky livener then there's a chance that the local scoundrel may steal your board to feed his drug habit (don't do drugs kids). If you lock your board with one of these handy cable locks our scoundrel is more likely to steal the board next to yours rather than yours which is great for you unless the board next to yours happens to be your buddy's! (maybe tell your buddy to buy a lock too!)

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