Best constructed snowboards on the market?

Never Summer is a premium snowboard brand with the majority of the range priced between £550 - £600, not cheap but certainly worth every penny. 

If you've got a bit of free time, watch snowboard legend Eddie Wall's factory tour and you'll see exactly how many hours and how much time goes into producing a Never Summer Snowboard...

Never Summer Snowboards

 Never summer use three different type of profile in their snowboards, all hybrids but all subtly different...

Never Summer Original Rocker Camber

Original Rocker Camber Provides a surfy and playful feel while maintaining superior performance and versatility.

Never Summer Fusion Rocker Camber

Fusion Rocker Camber - With the edge gripping hold, the snap out of turns, and the huge pop of Ripsaw RC in the back and float and surfy feel of Original RC in the front. Never Summer's Fusion Rocker Camber is here to bring back the fun and fluidity that will make snowboarding dynamic again.

Never Summer Ripsaw Camber

Ripsaw Rocker Camber - Features enhanced cambered areas for aggressive edge hold and tremendous pop while maintaining the versatility of Original Rocker Camber.



Materials and Construction

  • PRESS FLEX CORE - This rocker core design features 2 specific softer flex points between the feet creating better hinge points for ultimate pressing and ollie performance. Making the PRESS FLEX WOOD CORE the perfect foundation for freeestyle performance.
  • NS SUPERLIGHT WOOD CORE - Using a custom blend of wood species that was created to be the lightest weight yet durable core on the market, CNC sanded in our custom wood working facility to a fraction of a millimeter. A tailored flex is perfected, giving our snowboards unequaled performance.
  • RDS 1 DAMPING SYSTEM - The laminated damping layers on the RDS 1 are more extensive along the full length of the effective edge, and less extensive in the tip and tail, giving the board high-speed stability with reduced tip and tail swing weight.
  • RDS 1+ DAMPING SYSTEM - Never Summers most extensive damping system, with twice the amount of damping material as their other systems for unmatched stability at speed. RDS 1+ provides incredible vibration absorption while stabilizing the nose of the board in variable conditions.
  • RDS 2 DAMPING SYSTEM - This lightweight system uses three narrower laminated damping layers that provide the perfect combination of vibration, absorption, and stability. RDS 2 is the perfect balance of freeride stability and freestyle liveliness.
  • FREESTYLE DAMPING SYSTEM - Specifically designed for some of Never Summer's freestyle models, FDS utilizes thinner rubber foil for a lighter, snappier feel while still providing the legendary NS smooth ride.
  • HARMONIC TIP/TAIL DAMPER/PROTECTION HARMONIC DAMPERS - Located in the tip and tail to take out a high percentage of residual vibration by quieting the nose and tail. This enhances stability at speed, in variable snow conditions and on board landings without deadening the liveliness and pop of the cambered areas.
  • P-TEX TIP/TAIL PROTECTION - Boards with P-TEX TIP/TAIL PROTECTION have UHMW Plastic, or P-Tex, which is a softer molecular material, that not only seals and protects the wood core, but also absorbs vibration and impact.
  • TRANSITION AREA - A small, flat section in the snowboard profile that improves both turn initiation and powder floatation.
  • PERFORATED ROCKER PAD - Perforated to reduce weight, these thin elastomeric PERFORATED ROCKER PADS are strategically located in the mid-section of the board. This absorbs the vibration between the feet and provides a buffer in the rocker area, which is in continuous contact with the snow.
  • ELASTOMERIC UNDERFOOT STABILIZERS ELASTOMERIC UNDERFOOT STABILIZERS directly below the mounting area provide optimum vibration absorption and increase high-speed stability while reducing foot fatigue. LOW PROFILE TIP/TAIL A low profile in the nose and tail of the snowboard maximizes material contact with the snow for more powerful ollie/nollie pop and adds stability to your landings.
  • LOW PROFILE TIP/TAIL - Reduces the plowing effect in the nose for better glide to the next feature and superior float when it’s deep.
  • VARIO POWER GRIP SIDECUT - Utilizes multiple radiuses creating extra contact points to enhance edge hold. A flat section in the rocker area provides a broad contact point when flexed, however when unbent allows the board to track straight and not catch. Flanking this straight section are two shallow radiuses which provide the second and third contact points. Towards the ends of the sidecut are deep radiuses which render quick turn initiation and the final fourth and fifth contact points. The Chairman Power Grip Sidecut has two more radiuses for additional edge hold.

Never Summer Vario Power Grip Sidecut

  • PREMIUM TOPSHEETS - Are super durable, lightweight, scratch and chip resistant fiber backed thermoplastic. The premium topsheets also provide more grip than other topsheet materials, working as a built in stomp pad. These premium topsheet materials include our Carbonium Topsheet, Hextech, Matte Topsheet and TruGrit Topsheet.
  • SINTERED P-TEX SIDEWALLS - Unlike conventional ABS sidewalls, that have a tendency to crack in colder temperatures, Sintered P-tex Sidewalls maintain their integrity at any temperature.
  • CARBON VXR LAMINATE TECHNOLOGY - Extends carbon fiber V’s out from the inserts to the effective edge for quick response while stiffening the board torsionally. Additionally, V’s are positioned to the ends of the board providing maximum boost and pop when loaded up. This is an ideal layup to transfer energy to the end of the effective edge, tip/tail and still give the board a softer more forgiving mid-flex for torsional control. More carbon equals more power and performance.
  • CARBON MAX LAMINATE TECHNOLOGY - Combines an advanced top and bottom carbon matrix to maximize response and strength here it’s needed most. The result is a lightweight yet powerful configuration that provides torsional rigidity and energy transfer without sacrificing the control a rider needs.
  • STS PRETENSIONED FIBERGLASS - Proclaimed by Never Summer to be 'The world’s best snowboard fiberglass, period' PRE-TENSIONED FIBERGLASS is an advanced pre-hardened, pre-tensioned, layered laminate that has added elastomer stringers between the 0 degree and 90 degree glass fibers (the length of the effective edge). This produces a stronger bond between the individual glass laminates giving our snowboards unmatched strength, edge hold and performance.
  • BI-LITE FIBERGLASS - combines many of the strength characteristics of our STS fiberglass with an ultra light glass fiber matrix. This delivers incredible freestyle and freeride performance without sacrificing durability.
  • DURASURF SINTERED 4501 BASE - Crown Plastics has been the industry leader in sintered materials for over 36 years and has created the DURASURF 4501 sintered base exclusively for Never Summer. This new high-density base is extremely fast and will provide unmatched performance and durability.
  • DURASURF XT SINTERED 5501 BASE - Crown Plastics has developed an exclusive, super fast, durable sintered base specifically for our higher end boards. Just the right amount of graphite has been added making the DURASURF XT SINTERED 5501 BASE one of the fastest bases on the marker today.

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Article by Darren Williams